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Moscow, Entuziastov Highway, 5

Employer: Don-Stroy Invest

Operations Area: 11.031 sq.m


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Civil Works
MEP Installation Works

The residential complex Symbol - a territory of increased comfort in the East of Moscow. The residential complex Symbol combines its own rich infrastructure, excellent location and a decent environment.


The surrounding area has a well-developed infrastructure, but special attention should be paid to its own, provided by the project. After all, this is a real mini-city, which has everything for a carefree and comfortable life. As part of the planned development, two secondary schools, two polyclinics, eight preschool institutions, two sports complexes, a shopping and entertainment center are being built. All across the settling zone open workout zones, stadiums, special courts for volleyball, basketball and other sport games are being set. Also safe playgrounds with swings, slides and play elements, building pedestrian malls and bike trails. Numerous shops, beauty salons, cafes, banks, pharmacies and other social facilities will open their doors on the first floors. In the center of the quarter -its own Park for walking and relaxing with the whole family.



The architectural design of the complex was developed by well-known London offices, creating a stylish urban image with its own charm. Developed planning solutions allow you to properly organize the living space. Each apartment has a spacious balcony or loggia, high ceilings up to three and a half meters, enlarged windows, allowing even more light and air. The developer offers a unique opportunity to purchase an apartment on the principle of white box, as well as fully ready-to-move apartments.

The specialists of Ltd. “Talos Construction” carry out finishing works, implementing internal engineering systems and electrical systems, which is subject to subsequent service. Talos implements the complete supply of equipment, commissioning and launching of the systems and to the Rostekhnadzor authorities.

The Performed works:

Civil Works:

  • Finishing of apartments and common areas

  • Masonry of inter-apartment walls and partitions

  • Masonry interior partitions in apartments

  • Masonry communications in apartments

Mechanical Works:

  • Systems of internal water supply

  • Systems of internal water removal

  • Ventilation

  • Air conditioning

  • Fire extinction

  • Smoke ventilation systems - drenage and power supply

Electrical Works:

  • Power supply and lighting

Low-Current Systems:

  • Warning and evacuation management system

  • Access control system

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