One Trinity Place

St.Petersburg, Embankment Admiral Lazarev, 22

Employer: GHP Group
Builder:  Ant Yapi
Operations Area: 31.453 sq.m

“One Trinity Place” - is a multifunctional complex located in St. Petersburg, on
Admiral Lazarev Embankment. In the construction, an individually designed project is used and the standards of the elite class are abided. The territory of “One Trinity Place
 is ocupied by residential and office buildings with a height of 9 floors.
The building is in the shape of a horseshoe and is oriented by the open part of the
courtyard to the south. The house consists of 175 apartments, 8 of them, located
on the top 9th floor - penthouses with private access to the terrace.
On the ground floor of the building there is a spacious and bright lobby with a
reception for visitors, seating areas, a library, as well as a gym and a children's playroom. Next - rooms for luxury shops and cafes.
“One Trinity Place” is located on the Petrogradskaya side of St. Petersburg, on the
southern bank of the Malaya Nevka River near the Lazarevsky Bridge.
The specialists of Ltd. “Talos Construction” have begun to design and implement
engineering systems and a full complex of work: assessment of the economic
feasibility of the implementation of engineering systems; carrying out pre-design

The Performed Works:
Heating and Ventilation
Plumbing and Sewerage

Fire extinguishing systems
Technological equipment and pipelines

Development of commissioning and its input into operation

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