Moscow, Mosfilmovskaya str. 1

Employer: AB Development

Builder:  Ant Yapi

Operations Area: 18.000 sq.m


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MEP Installation Works

Mosfilm is the undisputed leader of the Russian film industry. Concern produces almost all the Russian motion pictures, television and video products. With more than one hundred films a year production capacity, Mosfilm produces, releases and sells motion pictures, television series, and videos and also renders a service of a completely full movies production cycle - from a script to final film releases. Mosfilm has over 1,200 employees and state an industry-forming company in Russian cinema. Over the last nine years the Mosfilm has been actively upgrading its production facilities and technical resources. 


The specialists of the company Ltd. “Talos Construction” started implementing a design of installation of engineering systems and a full complex of work on economical feasibility assessments on introducing the latests engineering solutions; conducting pre-design calculations; development and approval of special technical conditions; preparation of documents of design and approval from agency of examination; as well as installation of engineering systems of two new facilities, a studio floor and a warehouse.

The Performed works:

  • Development of installation, commissioning works, and intro of exploitation

  • Ventilation

  • Cooling supply and air conditioning

  • Heating supply and heating

  • Water supply

  • Thermal stations

  • Automatic fire extinguishing systems

  • Sewerage

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