Moscow, 1-Zemelnyi vld. 7/2

Employer: Hortex

Builder: ANT YAPI

Operations Area: 39.217 sq.m


The under construction business center from class A comes along with modern architecture and advanced engineering systems. The facility is located in close proximity to the center of Moscow, between the Garden Ring and the Third Transport Ring. The convenient location allows to get to the business center in a short time from any district of Moscow.

  • The overground part of the residential complex includes 3 floors of 12.827 sq.m., underground part includes 15 floors of 26.390 sq.m., Offices are located at 18.473 sq.m., Hotels are located at 7917 sq. M.

  • The Project “Action Development » has parking lots for 370 cars.

The business center will have a developed internal infrastructure: restaurants and cafes will be located on the first floors, a congress center will be located with rooms for various events (conferences, negotiations, banquets).


The ceiling height is 3.3 m. The facades are made of natural stone using glass and wood.

The specialists of Ltd. “Talos Construction” have begun to design and implement engineering systems (internal and external) and electrical systems, which is subject to subsequent service. Talos implements the complete supply of equipment, commissioning and launching of the systems and to the Rostekhnadzor authorities.

The Performed works:

Mechanical Systems

Heating and Ventilation
Plumbing and Sewerage
Cooling and air conditioning
Refrigeration center
Fire extinguishing systems
Technological equipment and pipelines
Fuel supply and gas exhaust system
DGU Automation
Electrical Systems
Low –current system

Elecrical Systems

Power supply and electric lighting
Outdoor Lighting
Lightning and grounding

Low Current Systems

Radio system
Fire alarm system
Gas automatic fire extinguishing system
Evacuation Alert and Control System
Access Control and Management System

Automation of general ventilation
Automation of cooling systems
Automation of power supply systems
Automation of installation of water fire extinguishing
Fire Automation
Automation of water supply and drainage systems
Safety system

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